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Matchball for Angola 2010 Unveiled – ‘Adidas Janbulani-Angola’

December 25, 2009

CAF/Adidas has unveiled the official matchball for Angola 2010 Orange Africa Cup of Nations.

The ball, named Adidas Jabulani-Angola, is based on the template used for the design of the official matchball designated for next year’s Worldcup in South Africa. ‘Jabulani’ means ‘to celebrate’ or ‘to rejoice’ in Zulu.

Adidas Jabulani- Angola

Adidas Jabulani- Angola

The color scheme of the ball is inspired by the colors of the Angolan flag. The ball features the novel ‘Grip ’n’ Groove’ technology which gives it enhanced flight characteristics, better stability and an increase in accuracy. In addition, it has an upgrade of what has become known as ‘goose bump’ effect that was characteristic of the ball used in the 2008 European Championships. This gives it a more futuristic texture and extensive grip.

This is the second time a matchball has been designated to the African competition. The first, known as ‘Wawa aba’ also by Adidas, was used in the 2008 Edition of competition held in Ghana.

Zambia’s football legend Kalusha Bwalya, has revealed his admiration for the ball stating that the new generation of African players are fortunate to play with such a high tech ball.

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