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African Cup of Nations Tickets Delay

December 29, 2009

Go Angola!
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With less than thirteen days to kick-off at the African Cup of Nations in Angola, the sale of tickets has delayed. Officials say that this is due to logistical problems.

The tickets were schedule to go on sale on 22nd December at the BAI and BPC banks in the host cities – Luanda, Lubango, Benguela and Cabinda.

“The decision of selling the tickets in the banks was a late decision,” said Luis Nobre, an administrator at Sinfic, a company responsible for the printing and selling of tickets.(According to Source)

Explaining further, Nobre said, “We had to wait for the draw to start to print the tickets, and then we had to take security measures, and to adopt a system to prevent the tickets from illegal reproduction.”

Another article by reported that an employee for the BPC bank said he had not been informed of the sale of such tickets for the January 10-31 tournament.

“I’ve never heard of these tickets!” he said. “People keep asking me but there are no tickets here.”

Supporters looking to buy tickets are clearly not happy with the situation and the authorities will have to work harder at getting the tickets out

While most tickets for the competition cost between 250 kwanzas ($2.80) and 750 kwanzas ($8.40), VIP tickets range from 25,000 kwanzas ($281) and 52,000 kwanzas ($584.5).

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