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Malawi cause major upset as they thrash Algeria – Malawi 3-0 Algeria, Match Report

January 11, 2010

Stadium: Cidadela
Attendance: 1,000
Referee: Badara Diatta

It’s match day 2 of the African Cup of Nations in Angola and another spectacular showpiece of football has just gone by. This time it was Malawi, the weakest team on paper at the competition, who have grabbed the headlines for all the right reasons. In game which many thought was a walk over for the Desert Foxes of Algeria, the Flames of Malawi stunned the North Africans with 3 nil thrashing.

The first and only time the two teams met at this level was in 1984, where Algeria won by a similar margin. This time however, history did not repeat itself as the Flames sent out warning signals to the other competing teams that they were not here on a tour but to play football.

First Half
Up until the 6th minute the Foxes established their dominance on the game. And it looked like it was only a matter of time when they crack the nervy looking Malawi defense.

But the direction of the game changed when midfielder Joseph Kamwendo header missed the post by inches. From then on, Malawi seemed to have gain some self belief in their ability. Moses Chavula in particular was causing all sorts of trouble for the Algerian defense as he sent a number of decent crosses into the area of the opposition. Malawi dictated the play and were slightly ahead of Algeria in terms of possession. Russel Mwafulirwa made the most of a defensive mix-up by the Algerians as he hit the ball with power from the right at a very tight angle. And that was the first goal on the 17th minute mark. What dream start for the minnows!

A few more chances fell to both sides but were wasted. The worst culprit was Saifi, who let a chance go a begging when he found himself one on one with the Malawi shot stopper. Elvis Kafoteka scored a real poacher’s goal when he beat his markers and drove home the ball with a bullet header on the 25th minute.

In the dieing embers of the half, the Foxes showed brief glimpses of their potential to turn around the game, but goalkeeper Sanudi dealt with the crosses that where floated into the penalty box. Saifi, tried his luck with an acrobatic attempt at goal but that did not change the scoreline before the teams went into the dressing room

Second Half
Back from the break, with 4 minutes of playing time done, Malawi put Algeria to the sword again. Chaouchi delivered a cross and the ball found Russel. His shot hit the post, Bougherra did not clear the ball far enough and Banda finally smashed the ball home. He hurt his foot in the process but still managed to get his side 3 nil up.

The Algerians began to press the opposition from this point on but they lacked the magic in the final third of the pitch.

Goal Summary Malawi 3-0 Algeria
1 – 0 : Russel Mwafulirwa (17′)
2 – 0 : Elvis Kafoteka (35′)
3 – 0 : Dave Banda (48′)

1 Swadick Sanudi, 7 Peter Mponda, 3 Moses Chavula, 12 Elvis Kafoteka, 5 James Sangala, 10 Joseph Kamwendo, 13 Hellings Mwakasungula, 19 Dave Banda(Robert Ngambi 53′); 11 Essau Kanyenda, 9 Russel Mwafulirwa(Chiukepo Msowoya 64′); 18 Peter Wadabwa(Jimmy Zakazaka 77′)

16 Simplex Nthara , 22 Charles Swini , 21 Maupo Msowoyo, 6 Allan Kamanga, 23 Harry Nyirenda, 15 Robert Ngambi, 8 Jacob Ngwira, 2 Peter Mgangira, 14 Victor Nyirenda, 4 Chiukepo Msowoya, 17 Jimmy Zakazaka, 20 Atusaye Nyondo
Booked: Swadick Sanudi (81′)

16 Faouzi Chaouchi, 3 Nadir Belhadj, 17 Samir Zaoui, 2 Madjid Bougherra, 5 Rafik Halliche, 6 Yazid Mansouri, 15 Karim Ziani, 19 Hassan Yebda, 13 Karim Matmour, 10 Rafik Saifi, 9 Abdelkader Ghezza, 22 Djamel Abdoun

23 Mohamed Zemmamouche, 11 Slimane Raho, 12 Rada Babouche, 14 Abdelkader Laifaoui, 7 Yacine Bezzaz, 18 Hameur Bouazza, 8 Khaled Lemmouchia, 21 Abdelmalek Ziaya

Booked: Karim Ziani (83′)


“We know we are being treated as the underdogs,” said Malawi midfielder Josephy Kamwendo.
“We are playing against big teams but, like them, we are here to win.”

“We didn’t play well,” Algeria coach Rabah Saadane said.
“We still have a chance to progress but we need to play well against Mali.”

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